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In Knight Frank we understand that usage of new technology solutions is crucial for advanced and complex real estate portfolio management and strategy development. Our goal is to support our clients in using data to continuously enhance real estate, portfolio and workplace.
That is why we created our smart tool – ACE Platform – which we’re using for advanced data analysis.


Discover The ACE Platform

What is the ACE Platform?

The Activity & Customer Experience Platform is an analytical & consulting tool that helps better understand building and office spaces.

ACE Platform provides continuous analysis, monthly reporting and quarterly opportunity reviews, to provide our clients with insight and a marginal improvement programme.

Nowadays data drives real estate decisions and ACE Platform helps our clients to continually enhance efficiency of their portfolio, workplace and workforce as well as reduce risk and environmental impact.

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Customer Value

ACE Platform will provide value for your business.


We support you to manage office space optimally, adapting it to the actual needs of employees, to improve business efficiency of the company.

Thank to the ACE Platform analysis you will create a great workplace that attracts employees and retain the best talents.

ACE Workplace

Evaluates the Activity and Customer Experience within the Workplace.

ACE Profiling

Profiles your entire workforce to determine the demand for your future workplace.

ACE Social Distancing Capacity

Helps to re-evaluate different social distancing planning metrics, and can create space plans in seconds.


We support you to better understand how a building is used, and how you could enhance the service provision and experience of the occupiers, driving premium value.
We also provide you with detailed reporting about your portfolio to give you true understanding on its performance.

ACE Portfolio

Measures whole portfolio performance and identifies opportunities for savings.

ACE Human Experience

Measure space users' satisfaction to discover current occupiers' needs.

ACE Covid-19 Portfolio Risk analysis

Analyses Covid-19 risk within the portfolio.

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ACE Platform Modules



Evaluates the Activity and Customer Experience within the Workplace to determine the Buzz Score which can be benchmarked against millions of square metres of Human Experience




Analyses your entire portfolio to determine opportunities for change the key metrics such as agility or cost per person.



Human Experience


Evaluates current Tenant’s needs based on in-dept study of space users’ experience. Can be benchmarked against the market results.



Profiles your entire workplace from a psychometric, functional and individual perspective to determine the demand for your future workplace. 

Covid-19 Portfolio Risk Analysis


Analyses COVID-19 risk within your portfolio

Social distancing capacity


In seconds can re-evaluate different social distancing planning metrics from 3 metres down to 1 metre.

Our Expert Team

Our global team has diverse expertise in occupier and landlord insights, workplace, psychology, sociology and data science.

Marta Sobieszczak

ACE Product Manager

Luca Nicolosi

Associate Director

Neil McLocklin


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Chris Santiago


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Tomasz Wojtas

Data Scientist

years of Knight Frank